The “Pyramid”

A game changing move in finding the best employees

Finding Well-suited candidates for the workplace is one of the greatest challenges which stand before any organization. Analyzer developed, in collaboration with a group of experts, a tool that solves the problem. The tool that was developed, the “ Motivation Pyramid,” is a simple, easy to use Internet based tool that determines the compatibility of a potential candidate to the culture and core vlues of organization that the candidate is positioning himself for.
The “Motivation Pyramid” is a pyramid that creates a meaningful motivational attribute profile based on the company’s values and compares it to the motivational attributes of the candidate applying for a job. Congruence between the organization’s profile and the candidate’s motivational attributes leads to high performance, to a long term employment and to mutual, high level satisfaction. A lack of congruence between the organization’s profile and the motivational attributes of the candidate will lead to low performance a desire to leave the organization and low employee satisfaction.
  • Pays less for hiring and placement processes
  • Eases and simplifies the hiring processes
  • Reduces costs by way of reducing employee turnover and ensuring higher congruen ce of its employees to their role and the organizational culture.

Moreover, the “Motivation Pyramid” is a tool that gives the user a personal feedback by using a method different from any other tool in its user experience. After investing up to 30 minutes, the user gets a reach and detailed description of himself/herself as a person and as an employee. The Pyramid will helps the user understand his/her strengths and weakness. It helps him/her understand in which environment they are most likely to succeed and which line of work is best for them. On top of it, the tool gives them tailor made tips that will help them improve their resume and answer tough questions in a job interview.         

feedback I received was instantly revealing, analyzing my character to a tee. Because it was so spot on I found myself buying into the analysis immediately, (i.e. I trusted it.)